Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Guest Starring: Ron Swanson

This weekend was my wonderful man-friends birthday. He turned 25 so I tried to make it special. I gave him a themed birthday party like he was child. The theme: RON SWANSON. 

Needless to say he loved it.

1. We had a cake shaped like Ron Swanson's face. It was amazing, it made me sad to cut it. 
2. I had place mats made with 18 different Ron Swanson quotes.
3. Mustache on a stick. Enough said.
4. I made him a Mixbook with notes and pictures from his family, friends, and myself.
5. I made him a super awesome Ron Swanson mug, he has been asking for a new mug for a while now.

We had the dinner at this amazing pizza place called Cane Rosso in Dallas. He was in charge of the guest list (18 of his closest friends) and I was in charge of getting them there. It was a blast!

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