Monday, April 8, 2013

My life on Instagram

From left to right and top to bottom:
1. Went to see Ben Rector at the House of Blues, he was amazing as always.
2. My favorite client at work is giving me a free ride in his old war plane, I can not wait!
3. Going to see NEED TO BREATHE at Stubbs in Austin with my friend Laura and my sister.
4. Made a fire by the lake with Mike, Laura, and Mike's brother Daniel. Always trying to make his family like me :)
5. While gathering wood for the fire, this snake scared me half to death when I almost grabbed it thinking he was a branch.
6. I threw a Ron Swanson party for Mike's 25th birthday. Had a Ron Swanson face cake made. It blew my mind. Greatest cake ever.
7. Mikes Ron Swanson face.
8. My friend Matt took pictures for me at the Salon, pictures to come soon!

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