Monday, January 21, 2013

Instagram Favorites

1. I love a good bargain, I saw these shoes and new I had to have the no matter what then I saw they were on sale for $49.99 then down to $35.00 so I grabbed them as fast as I could. I'm thinking I'll save them for a nice date which leads to number 2.
2. I got to work and my wonderful boyfriend had stopped by before and left me a note, it kinda made my day. :)
3. Royal blue anything makes me happy. Its my color, as in it makes my eye look good, my color of the moment is actually mint. I'm obsessed.  
4. Dani when we were shopping at Anthropology when I got my shoes, I love that girl. I have the best friends! 

Well I finally went to the doctor since this thing just wont go away. Hopefully in a few days I'll feel all better but I'm going to make myself put together an outfit and put on some makeup tomorrow so be expecting a outfit post soon!

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