Thursday, January 10, 2013

A time to brag

My wonderful sister Leah is so similar to me its insane. Growing up obviously I thought it was annoying having her copy me but now are similarity is more flattering than anything else. I love to do DIY projects, its kinda my thing when I have spare time. Leah knows this and every time she sees something she wants on Pinterest I get a text message asking me to help her with something. I am so proud of her though because other than tips and talking with her about things she has done her whole room DIY style for less than $150 all by herself. The headboard, desk, and pillows were all DIY and the chair and mirror were garage sale finds lastly the duvet is from Marshall's. She recently moved to Athens and I would say she has done and excellent job on her home-away-from-home. Just thought I would brag a little about my fabulous little sister, you did good girl! :)

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