Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Would you like fries with that shake?

Shirt - JCrew
Blazer - Dillards
Pants - Wet Seal
Shoes - Steve Madden
Clutch - Hobo International
Bangles - Gift

So I am not dead.
I have just been super super busy.

This last weekend I had four online test due all at once on top of me going to San Antonio which means I wasn't going to be here to take them. Lots of drama, not important because it's all taken care of. No Big.

Dani and I went to the square and went to this hamburger joint I have been wanting to go to forever, but the hours are weird so this was my first chance. It was so good and I was super hungry. Which in my world means I ate about 1/2 my burger instead of my usual 1/4. I get full way to fast but thats okay, I can make meals last forever = great for college budget.

So if you notice in this picture, you know what stands out to me? The fact that my straw just wont stay down. It kept floating to the top.

I know it seems as though my "sea food" is the point of this picture but really its the annoying floating straw. Sheeesh.
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  1. Nice outfit, love the blazer! And your burger looks so good!!


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