Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why not mix it up?

I was engaged to someone in the family & thought I was better than everyone & was extremely tacky, it was hard to dress and act out but so fun! Mandy was the Teeny Bopper Aunt, you cant see but she is wearing super tacky jeggings.

Stacy (middle) was an extreme baptist woman who went around shouting out things at people and telling them to go save themselves, she did a great job. Susan was the aunt who wore too much lipstick and kissed everyone, we all had red lip prints on our checks all night.

Leah was a great grandmother who just sat in her chair & knitted all night. Jake was a very sophisticated country cousin. 

This is our big family photo, try and guess the rest! :)

I just had to share these.

My campus ministry had a Christmas Party where we each drew a piece of paper from a baggy that told you your character for the evening. Each was supposed to be a stereotypical family member and we had to act out our role. There were hard of hearing grandmas, the uncle who always has something new he wants you to invest your money in, the country cousins, great grandmas, the aunt who sells Mary Kay, Teeny Bopper Aunt, etc. 

Needless to say people really got into character and  it was so much fun. A little loud at time with characters "personalities" clashing but it was so much fun. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!

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  1. oh my god!
    i am cracking up
    how fun is that ..

    the best xmas party is that!
    very unique

    Melina ♥

  2. Big happy family that putted a smile on face now!

    I hope you can come back to your blog!



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