Thursday, October 20, 2011

She laughs.

(me laughing at Dani, very normal activity)

Blouse- JC Penney's
Cardigan & Belt- Forever 21
Pants- The Gap
Shoes - Gift

I know, my post have been few and far between. It's because this is my last semester of college aka super busy super crazy. If its not my work load its my actual life. Nothing to complain about though, it's been fun just no time to sit down and blog.

As my past blogs have mentioned I am a huge Rangers fan. I played softball for 10 years so liking baseball comes with the territory. I also have a sports crazed mother, which leads me to a great story that explains so much of who I am. 

So rewind years and years (back to when I was little enough to sit in my mothers lap). One year a while ago we were having a Super Bowl party at my house. This is normal since my whole family (minus my father) loves sports. I was sitting in my moms lap as she helps me understand what is going.


Our team made a great play and everyone jumped up and started cheering. Including my mother, while I was still in her lap. So I went flying & then crying. I was okay but this leads to my life long love of sports (watching & playing). I know this should scar me but instead it just showed me how great sports are, worth launching your child across the room apparently.

Be expecting pictures from the last game of the ALCS soon!

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  1. Haha that's an interesting story :) Love your cardigan and shoes!

  2. We love how you've tied the red together with the belt, shoes and nails! Even the badge on the cardi has red in it!
    Attention to detail has definitely paid off! JS xx


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