Wednesday, September 28, 2011


blouse - Express 
Skirt - Forever 21
Pearls - Dani's :)
Heels - JC Penney's
Bangles - Thrifted

I am about to take miss Princess Sophia to the dog park so she can get out of the house a little. I generally love the dog park but I did once have a bad experience that deserves to be shared to bring joy to your lives.

One time, my friends and I took our little pups to the park to run around and play a little. I love bringing blankets on nice days so I can lay down and read some and relax. So, we lay out the blanket and we sit and were talking and dogs come and say hi and its just a fabulous fun day. Wrong. For whatever reason, I guess just bad luck. I sat in the worst spot ever. I sat where all dogs wanted to smell and then... mark their territory.
Now I hope you know what that means, if not I will now being to tell you. I got peed on four times. So serious. At first I didn't notice what was happening then it just wouldn't quit!
I obviously went home and showered but I wasn't the happiest dog mommy, and my friends were just loving it.
Hope that my story brings you laughter and happiness.

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